Repairing Potholes in Your Private Road or Driveway

If your property makes use of a private roadway or extended driveway, repairing damage to this asphalt surface may seem like an overwhelming task. However, the truth is, repairing minor damage such as shallow potholes and spider cracks can often be a relatively simple process that can be completed without the need to hire a professional contractor. Gathering Your Materials Before you can begin the process of repairing the damage to your asphalt, you will first need to gather a few basic supplies. Read More 

Keep Warm This Winter: Simple Home Winterizing Tips

While the changing colors of the fall are beautiful, they will soon give way to frigid temperatures and snowflakes. Though you may be under the assumption that your home will be nice and warm when Old Man Winter blows in, you might be surprised to learn that nothing could be further than the truth. Don't wait spend your winter stuck with chattering lips and bundled under a pile of blankets. During the fall season, start winterizing your home so you and your family can stay comfy and cozy all winter long: Read More 

3 Alternatives To In-Floor Heating Systems When Renovating Your Home

If you are going to be doing renovations to your home, a new heating system may be something that is on the list of improvements. In-floor heating systems are an efficient way of using radiant heating, but can be costly to install in existing homes. You also may not want to have the floors in your home removed for these systems. There are other options for similar systems, such as baseboard heating, wall mounted heating mats and sleek radiators. Read More 

Need New Siding? How To Choose Between Aluminum And Vinyl

If you're looking for the most affordable siding options, you'll probably need to choose between aluminum and vinyl. Their prices are comparable. You can buy aluminum siding for about $3-$6 per square foot, and it costs around $2-$7 per square foot for vinyl siding installation. Each material has it's advantages. Here are some things to consider when making your choice. Durability Both types of siding are water resistant and won't be damaged by bugs. Read More 

Why High Pressure Washing Is Bad For Your Roof

Does the roof on your home have a bad stain on it? If you're looking to remove the eyesore from your home, but don't want to pay someone who offers residential roofing services to do it for you, you may be able to find the supplies you need at your local home improvement store. But use caution if you want to avoid additional damage to your roof. High pressure washers may sound like just the trick you need to blast away that unwanted moss or gunk, but chances are it will do more harm than good. Read More