4 Reasons To Buy Marble Countertops

Making your kitchen look its best may be high on your priority list. There is a variety of ways you can accomplish this goal by installing designer cabinets to relying on marble countertops.  It's ideal to be able to utilize your kitchen updates as much as possible, and you're sure to use your countertops a great deal. There are numerous reasons for selecting marble for the top of your counters and knowing what some of these are may be the motivation you need to do so. Read More 

2 Tips To Keep Your Marble Beautiful

Marble is an extremely popular flooring and countertop material, mostly because of the sheer beauty of the material and its versatility. However, keeping marble in good repair can be a bit tricky because there are quite a few things that can actually damage the material. Listed below are two tips that can help you keep your marble surfaces as beautiful as possible for many years to come. Proper Cleaning One of the most important things to remember when you have a marble floor or countertop in your home is that you must clean any spills immediately. Read More 

Three Things About Tankless Water Heaters

The idea of having a tankless water heater probably appeals to you on several levels. They are said to reduce your energy usage,  give you as much hot water as you want for your bath or shower, and take up less space than conventional water heaters. What you may overlook are the things that the salesman doesn't tell you. Here are a few things you should know about tankless water heaters that you may not learn during a consultation. Read More 

Four Ways To Give Your Roof More Detail With Custom Features

Asphalt roofing can be very plain and simple. These roofs often use the same materials for the main body of the roof, as well as for features like flashing and ridge caps. There are many options to give your roof more details with custom features like decorative trim and metal flashing. Here are some ways you can give your roof more details with custom features:  1.  Adding Skylights To Give Your Home More Natural Lighting Read More 

5 Design Options To Help Cope With Winter Woes

Drafts, ice dams, and dangerously slick walkways are just a taste of what you have to look forward to when the temperatures start to drop. Fortunately, there are some design decisions you can make to the roof and exterior of your home to make winter woes easier to deal with. 1. Go With a Simple Gable The gable of your roof is the triangle shaped portions of wall between the pitches of your roof. Read More