4 Home Addition Ideas Worth Looking At

Concluding that your house needs more square footage is a good start for an addition, but you may be wondering just what goals you ought to be aiming for. These four suggestions are great for anyone who wants to get a bit more specific before calling in a home addition service.

1. Going Vertical

When people think about home additions, they often consider expanding into unused spaces around their houses. The downside to this, though, is that it reduces the amount of yard you'll have. One solution is to go vertical. If you don't already have a second story on your house, an addition can go above everything that's already there. For folks who have two-story homes, another option is to go vertical over shorter existing structures, such as the garage or a porch.

2. Make Use of Unused Space

Installing a dormer is a great way to take a space that isn't always going to great use, the attic, and make it more livable. Dormers extend out from the roof, using the horizontal space that was previously just used as part of the room. This is a superb way to incorporate an extra bedroom or a craft room. A bonus is that a dormer can make a house more visually interesting when viewed from the outside. When you talk with your home addition service, though, make sure the dormer will be properly insulated and incorporate into the roof.

3. Kitchen Additions

Adding even a small amount of space to a kitchen can be a difference-maker. You may not want to get into the mess of relocating gas and electrical lines, for example, and a good solution is to use the addition for seating. The tables and chairs in the kitchen can go into the additional space, and that will free up room to walk around in the kitchen or to install an island. Adding a pantry is another way to expand a kitchen.

4. A Mudroom

Once a staple of farmhouses in many parts of the country, the mudroom has fallen away as a design element. This is an area where everyone in your family can kick off their shoes, hang up their coats and stow away items they mostly use outside the home. As the name suggests, a mudroom was originally intended to keep mud from tracking into the house. Anyone with kids or pets can attest to the value of a mudroom even in the modern home.