3 Reasons You May Need Dredging Before Construction Of Your Private Dock

Having your own private dock is an excellent way to take advantage of the fact that you have a place that borders a body of water. However, building a dock in a body of water can also take some work with the right heavy equipment. You may need the help of a construction site dredging service to prepare the floor of the body of water before the work can actually begin on the dock. Here is a look at some of the reasons you may need these services. 

The bottom of the water floor may be highly uneven. 

The most common reason people have to have a construction dredging service to help them out when they want to build a private dock is the fact that the water body floor is uneven or not level. Even though there can be slight discrepancies in sediment and sand, if there are deep ridges and high and low points, it can make the construction project harder to manage. The posts that are installed for supporting the dock need solid ground to anchor into so the dredgers can be used to level out the ground to that point for proper anchoring.  

You may need your support system to sit deeper. 

If you are building a dock on a rather shallow point on a body of water, you can have issues with the sea or river floor not being quite deep enough. If the floor is too shallow, it can cause the dock to be basically sitting perched on posts above dry land when the water line recedes, which can definitely be unattractive but also problematic if you plan to use the dock for boating purposes. Dredging equipment can be used to dig a deeper floor and level it out so the dock will have enough space to stay above water. 

The floor of the water body is too deep. 

In some cases, the floor of the water body is so deep that it makes constructing a dock a lot more difficult to manage than what it could be if the floor was much shallower. In these cases, a construction site dredging service can bring in sediment and rock to raise the floor from its current position and stabilize it before the build begins. With the right skills and equipment, it is perfectly feasible to raise the floor several feet to make a construction project far easier to achieve.