Customize Your Garage For Added Living Space

When you think of a garage, you probably think of a building or room attached to your home in which you park your vehicles. While this is very true, it does not have to be the only thing you use a garage for. Of course, if you are going to use it for any other purposes you will need to have it customized. Here are a few things you may want to use the extra space for.


A common use for a garage is as a workshop. This could be a shop for working on your vehicles, a shop for woodworking, or a shop for any hobby or activity that requires the space. It can be easy to make a few changes to the existing garage for it to become a shop. You will need to have some type of bench or table, storage for your tools and projects, and perhaps some added electrical outlets, water and a sink, and more insulation. You can leave the walls without drywall if you don't mind looking at the backside of the insulation bats, or add drywall or paneling to complete them.

Rec Room

If you like to entertain, or if you have children, a rec room can come in handy. Finish the walls, put up a ceiling, and lay down some flooring and you have a good start on a nice game/rec room. You should probably have more electrical outlets, add in a wet bar, and have ceiling lights installed to make the room more serviceable and comfortable. You can create a room that is more mature and sophisticated or go with something fun and whimsical.


Whether you have your own business or do work from home frequently, an office space is a requirement. Customize the garage to fit your work needs. Built-in bookshelves and cabinets are a good place to start with the customizing. Also be sure to have the proper electrical outlets for your lights and computers.

Even if you use your garage for your vehicles, you can still take advantage of some customization. Perhaps creating a loft for extra storage or a complete wall storage unit for your tools would be handy. If you have a two-car garage or a larger size, you can still use a portion of the garage for your vehicle, put up a wall, and then customize the rest of it to suit your current needs.

Contact local custom garage builders for more information.