Tips To Help With Custom Home Planning

Working with a new custom home builder to design your dream home can be a wonderful experience. How can you make sure that you're getting everything in this new house that you want, need or dream of? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you through the planning process of the build.

List Likes and Dislikes

Think back to all of the homes that you've lived in — what did and didn't you like about each of those homes? Nothing will tell you what you'll like or dislike better than your past experiences, so stop and give yourself some time to think. Keep a small notebook handy so when you're out and about and you remember something, you'll be able to quickly jot it down.

Ease of Care

As you choose the materials for the build, make sure that you're thinking about how much work will go into taking care of the home for the next several years.

For example, if you want beautiful, detailed kitchen cabinets, remember that all of the food and grease that builds up in the details will need to be cleaned.

Another thing to consider is grout. Even though tiles are used in most home builds these days, many homeowners fail to consider the work that goes into taking care of grout. There are alternatives to traditional grout — like epoxy grout — that will not require the same level of maintenance over the years.

Make sure that your builder is aware of the fact that you want to keep things easy to maintain and care for.

Energy Efficiency

Now is the time to focus on energy efficiency in the home. Don't skimp when it comes to the insulation, windows, and doors. These three elements will play a big role in how well your home holds the heat during the winter and the cool air during the summer.

When choosing appliances like the water heater, consider upgrading to the most efficient units. Look into tankless water heaters for the home. They never run out of hot water and cost much less to operate throughout the year.

If you make your builder aware of your wants and needs, they'll better be able to meet your expectations. Communicate with your builder — they can't read your mind. If you discuss what's being done before it's done, you can avoid extra expenses by not having to redo anything that's already complete.