Tips To Reduce Wear And Tear On Your Chimney

Having a fireplace is a great perk for your home during the fall and winter seasons, and maybe even during the early days of spring. But if you want your fireplace to continue keeping your living area nice and toasty, you'll have to keep up with regular maintenance on both your fireplace and your chimney.

Your chimney in particular can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to performing maintenance on your house, as it's often out of sight and out of mind. Here are a few fireplace and chimney tips to keep in mind if you want to reduce wear and tear and avoid a costly chimney repair job.

Keep the Fire Burning Hot and Use the Right Kind of Wood

When setting a fire in your wood-burning fireplace, make sure you keep the fire burning hot. This is because a fire can actually start putting out more smoke and soot as it cools down. Keep the fire going strong until you are ready to close it down for the night. 

While you're at it, make sure you are only using dried-out wood that is designed for your type of fireplace. Using wood that isn't dry or wood that has been treated with some kind of chemical will create a larger amount of soot as the fire struggles to get started.

Consider Waterproofing or a Chimney Cap

If your area gets a lot of rain or snow and you don't yet have a chimney cap or proper waterproofing, it's time to take care of this oversight. Letting water get into the chimney will cause wear and tear over time. A professional waterproofing job or chimney cap will help extend your chimney's life by a significant amount.

Get an Annual Inspection

If you aren't getting your chimney an annual inspection, you need to start doing this as soon as possible. A professional chimney sweeper or repair service may be able to notice potential problems that you wouldn't find on your own. You can nip a potential problem in the bud before it develops into a more expensive repair.

If you want to keep your chimney in good condition, pay attention to the type of wood you are using and how hot the fire is at all times. Consider getting your chimney waterproofed or topped off with a chimney cap to protect it from rain, sleet and snow. An annual inspection can help you notice issues before they turn into costly repairs. If, despite your best efforts, your chimney looks like it's need of major help, contact a chimney restoration company like Sposato Masonry.