3 Things To Consider When Starting A Playground Project

If your local Parent Teacher association wants to put a new playground in for the children in your area, you need to know where to start with your playground project. Here are four things to take into consideration when starting a playground project.

#1 Space For The Playground

The first thing you need is space for the playground. The amount of space you have will dedicate what type of playground you can install. A lot of playground equipment has certain use zones that have to be followed when the equipment is installed. A use zone is the amount of free space that has to exist around each structure that you install on the playground. If you want the warranty that comes with the equipment to be valid, you need to have the proper use zones around each piece of equipment that you install.

Figure out if you have space to use or if you need to get space donated. If you need to get space donated, focus on finding the space before you start buying playground equipment, as you are going to need to craft your equipment to the size of space you have to work with.

#2 Planning The Layout

Once you have a space, hire a playground contractor to play the layout of the playground. Let the contractor know that you want to plan the layout so that your group will know what to accurately fundraise for. Make sure that the contractor includes surfacing in the layout; you will need to install safety surface underneath the equipment. Be sure to include free space for the children to play in addition to playground equipment. Planning the layout and equipment that you need, as well as getting quotes for the labor and additional supplies, will help your group have a more solid idea of the resources that you'll need for the project.

#3 Fundraising

Once you have the land and know what you want the playground to look like, it is time to start fundraising for your project. Share your overall budget goals with your community. See if there are any businesses in the area that could help by donating any of the supplies that you need for your playground project. Donated supplies and labor are a great way to reduce the actual cash that you need to raise for your playground project. Focus on fundraising efforts that allow you to pull in large amounts of money all at once, such as a silent auction, instead of lots of car washes and bake sales. 

Contact a playground company, like Playgrounds USA, for more help.