Prepare Your Concrete Driveway For The Upcoming Winter Months

It is warm outside right now but fall is coming up and then the dreaded cold. Winter can cause damage to many things if they are not properly prepared. One of those things is your concrete driveway. Fortunately, there are things you can do to your driveway before the cold weather gets here to ensure it stays in great shape. This includes repairing any damaged concrete, cleaning the driveway, and seal coating it.  

Repair Concrete

Look over your concrete driveway carefully. If you see even small cracks you should repair them. Go to a home improvement store and purchase some concrete crack filler. This generally comes in a tube and you squeeze it inside the crack. You then use a scraper to wipe over the concrete to level the filler out. The crack filler will come with complete instructions on how to use it.

If you have large cracks, remove any debris from them first. It is important that they are completely clean as the filler would not adhere to the concrete well if there is debris.  If there are a lot of large cracks with debris in them, you can use a leaf blower to quickly get the debris out.

Clean the Concrete

Once the cracks are repaired and you have waited for the filler to completely dry you should clean your driveway. Before you do anything, sweep your driveway to remove all debris, dust, etc.

The best and fastest way to clean a concrete driveway is using a pressure washer.  Purchase a cleaning detergent made for concrete. You need to find the power washer wand that is likely labeled as "soap" and connect it to the power washer. Put the cleaner in the supply tank. Start at the top of your driveway and move your way to the end.  Move the soap wand back and forth over the driveway as you walk. Hold the wand at an angle as you do not want to put full pressure on the concrete.

When you are finished, you need to rinse the cleaner off the driveway. One way to do this is to use a garden hose.

Seal the Concrete

When your driveway is clean and dry you should put a sealant over it. This will protect the surface of your concrete from built up ice, snow, and other debris. Consider hiring a concrete sealing services company to do this job for you. This is especially true if you have a very long driveway. They have special equipment they use to apply the sealant quickly. This will also ensure that this job is done correctly.

If you prefer, you can seal the driveway on your own. You can buy a sealant at a home improvement store that is made for concrete. Measure the width and length of your driveway to ensure you get enough sealant.

Pour the sealant into a paint pan. Use a paint roller with a long handle to roll the sealant over your driveway. Start at the top and move to the end. The sealant will come with complete instructions on how to install it.

Talk with the concrete contractor and/or concrete sealing company if you have questions about sawing or other concrete projects.