Four Reasons Why A Tractor Would Need Service

Tractors are essential pieces of farm equipment. They need to be maintained just like any other drivable vehicle. If you have not secured any sort of tractor service for your tractor, and you are quite new to farming, here are some reasons why your tractor would need service to help motivate you.

Tractors Rely on Diesel Fuel

At one time, you could use standard gasoline in a tractor, but not anymore. Most tractors now use diesel fuel, which means that they have additional needs on top of those found in most standard combustion engines. Service for a tractor includes de-gunking the engine so that your tractor continues to run properly. It also means learning and knowing when you have to replace the oil and air filters, since diesel engines need more frequent attention in these departments to prevent air pollution.

Farming Is about Being Good to the Land

Farmers have a responsibility to restore the environment while they take from it what they need. As part of that eco-responsibility, you have to make sure that your machines are not dropping oil or chugging ash, both of which contaminate the earth and air you are supposed to protect. Regular maintenance on your tractors, combines, harvesters, etc., makes sure you are doing your best to live up to agricultural expectations and regulations.

Tractors Are the Heavy Lifters of Your Farm

Tractors are the central machine of any farm. They pull hay wagons, plow, plant, and even move other farm equipment from one place to another. Some farmers even use their tractors to mow their lawns when they have very large yards around their homes. As a new farmer, you will need your tractor more often than just about any other piece of equipment. That is why it is so important to make sure you have a good tractor service company help you maintain your tractor and repair it when needed.

Tractors May Break Down More Often

A brand-new tractor is unlikely to break down. However, in the future, you may find that your tractor breaks down a lot more than you originally expected. This is because your tractor does so much of the work on the farm. The best way to avoid tractor repair expenses is to prevent them. You want to keep your tractor going for as long as you can because buying a new tractor every ten to fifteen years is not an expense you want or can afford. Contact a tractor service, like Potestio Brothers Equipment, Inc., for more help.