Own A Business And Replacing The Windows? Tips To Choose The Right Ones

If you own your own business, keeping up appearances is important. If your current windows are old, this can take away from the aesthetics. When it comes to choosing windows, you have many options. Below is some information about this so you can end up with the best type of windows for your business.

Types of Window Frames

First, choose the type of window frame you want. The most common types used for commercial windows include:

  • Aluminum: Durable and lasts a long time. Modern looking and low in maintenance if not painted. Rot, mold, and sun resistant.
  • Wood: Most aesthetically pleasing window and are durable and long lasting if they are properly maintained.
  • Vinyl: Made of PVC and are affordable. Insulates well and can be painted.
  • Steel: More secure than the other options and resistant to rot, mold, sun's damaging rays, and easy maintenance.

Consider the type of frame material that will go best with your business.

Types of Window Glass

The glass used is another consideration you have to make when it comes to new windows. If you want more security as well as more energy efficiency to help save money, you should choose double, triple or quadruple paned glass.

There is glass that is low emissivity (Low-E). This type of glass has a special coating that reduces heat and cool air flow. This can help reduce the energy bills for your business.

Impact resistant glass is also available. This would be a good choice if you live in an area that has extreme weather conditions, such as high winds. This is because when this glass is broken it breaks into small shards instead of large blades.

Tinted glass is also available, which reduces the amount of sunlight that comes through the window. This can protect your employees from the harmful UVs from sunlight.

To have even better energy efficiency, you can purchase glass that is glass filled. With this type of glass, the manufacturer fills the space between the glass and panes with argon or krypton gas. This gives the glass a higher resistant of air flow. For example, heat will not be able to escape through this type of window to keep your commercial business warm without having to raise the temperature.

Visit with a commercial window manufacturer, such as Hareld Glass, in your area to learn much more about the different types of window frames and glass you can choose from.