Finding a Remedy for an Air Conditioning Unit That Is Not Properly Cooling Your Home

If you use an air conditioner in one of the rooms of your home to keep it cool during the summer, you most likely will notice if the room remains warm after you turn your unit on. There are several reasons why an air conditioning unit may not cool a room effectively. Here are a few steps you can follow to address the problem.

Clean out Your Unit to Maximize Efficiency

An air conditioner that runs constantly without cooling a room effectively may be in need of cleaning. Start this process by unplugging the unit and using a soft-bristled brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to whisk away debris covering the coils within the unit. Afterward, swap the air filter with a brand new one. Debris inside a unit or in the grooved portions of a filter will slow down the cooling process, making it necessary for your unit to run for longer periods of time.

Make Sure Your Unit Is Large Enough

If you are trying to cool a rather large area, your air conditioning unit might not be powerful enough to handle the job. On average, a room will require about 20 BTU for each square foot. This number can be altered slightly depending on whether the room is shady or in direct sunlight and on how many people are usually present in the living space. If your unit doesn't seem to be cooling your room, you may want to consider upgrading to a unit with more power.

Check That Drafts Are Not Present in the Room

If the room you are trying to cool is drafty, the cool air the unit is dispensing into the area may be making its way to the exterior of your home. Check around windows and doors to make sure there is a tight seal so air does not escape. Drafts can be discovered by holding a candle up to the perimeters of windows and doors to see if the flame flickers due to air making its way inside of the room. Weather-stripping or caulk can be used to fill in any voids effectively.

Listen to the Unit after It Is Turned on

If you turn on your unit and do not hear the compressor turn on, there is a chance the motor is not working properly. The fan will remain on and air will circulate around the room, but it will be warm instead of cold. This would require a call to a professional air conditioning repair service to fix the trouble promptly.