Choosing A Heat Pump: What You Should Know

Your heat pump is a necessary component in your home if you want to keep it warm in the fall and winter. It works by taking heat away from cooler areas and bringing it into a heat sink, which is a warmer area where that heat can be released. Heat pumps also help you keep you cool in the spring and summer, because they can make sure freezers stay cool and air conditioners are pumping cool air into your home. 

Do Heat Pumps Reverse?

Some do. What that means is that the pump can heat or cool your home. This system works by using the outdoor coil as an evaporator when you want to heat the inside of your home. Thermal energy from outside is moved around the home, heating the air and releasing it. In the summer months, this can be reversed into cooling mode. In this mode, the outdoor coil becomes a condenser instead, so the indoor coil collects the heat from inside and pumps it outside, keeping the inside area cool. 

Where Are Heat Pumps Used?

  1. Heat pumps are used in plumbing applications to heat water, like in the case of water heaters inside the home or pool heaters that work outside.
  2. HVAC systems use heat pumps to cool or heat your home throughout the year. 
  3. District heating is another place where heat pumps are used; this is a major heating service that collects heat and distributes it around a town center's residencies and businesses. 

Are Heat Pumps Energy Efficient?

Heat pumps can help reduce energy consumption, according to They are good for climates where heating and cooling needs are only moderate, like Mediterranean climates. Three types of heat pumps exist: geothermal, water, and air-to-air; all three have the potential to reduce the amount of electricity needed for heating by around 50 percent. This alternative to furnaces and air conditioners may be created in a ductless style depending on the desired output and layout of a home or business. The most common ductless style, called a mini-split heat pump, is normally a reversible model, making it a good alternative for those who want to be able to cool and heat the air in their residences. 

This is just some of the available information on heat pumps. There are many alternatives to heating and cooling your home, and this is one you should try if you live in a moderate climate. For more information, contact local professionals like Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc.