Excavating Your Yard? Four Reasons To Ask For Ground Penetrating Radar To Locate Pipes

If you're getting ready to excavate your backyard to build a guest house or install a pool, you can't dig until you have the underground pipes and wires marked clearly. This is essential to ensure that you don't puncture a gas or plumbing line. One of the best ways to have the pipes identified is with ground penetrating radar. Many pipe locating services offer radar like this, but if you're not familiar with it, you may wonder if it's worth it. Here are several reasons to invest in ground penetrating radar to locate those pipes.

It doesn't damage the yard. Unlike pipe location that requires digging throughout your yard, ground penetrating radar allows a pipe locator to identify all of the underground pipes in your yard without breaking the soil. That's because it uses a series of frequency waves to penetrate the ground. The system detects pipes based on the way that the wave returns when it bounces off the pipes.

It isn't as noisy as drilling and other methods. Using frequency waves means that the sound required for pipe location is minimal. If you're in an area that's heavily populated and you want to avoid the added noise of drilling or other loud tools, you can use ground penetrating radar for pipe location. This is particularly important if you live in an area with noise restrictions.

It's a versatile option. Ground penetrating radar is a versatile location technique because it will identify most any type of lines, from wiring to utility lines to plumbing pipes. There are radars of different strengths, which can help you to identify things that may be buried at varying depths.

It is easy to read and work with. Ground penetrating radar uses an easy-to-read display so that you can easily spot the location and shape of anything below the ground level. In addition, it is easy to transfer the testing results to a computer system by tethering the testing system to a computer. The reports export to the computer's hard drive easily in most cases, allowing you to save them for future contractor reference.

There are many reasons to consider the use of ground penetrating radar for your pipe location process. When you want to identify those pipes without concern about damaging anything in the area, this may be the way to go. Talk with a pipe locating service in your area, such as Spearhead Locating Services Inc., to see if they offer ground penetrating radar where you live.