How To Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Stain

Remodeling your kitchen is a very wise home improvement project. The kitchen is often the room that needs to be upgraded first, mainly because of all the traffic it receives and all the cooking that goes on. And, the kitchen cabinets usually wear down first. They are constantly being slammed, handled by dirty hands and there is a lot of moisture in the kitchen that can wear down the wood. Luckily, you can refinish your kitchen cabinets and give your room and entirely new. This article explains how to change the stain on your cabinets.

Using a Pneumatic Spray Gun

When painting cabinets, you definitely want to use a pneumatic spray. If you don't have one and have never used one, you should not be afraid to try it. You can easily rent a simple system from home improvement store. These rentals will come with simple operational instructions.

Painting the Doors and Drawers

First, you need to take the doors and drawers off of the cabinet. Removing the doors is very simple, just remove the screws at the hinges. The drawers will slide right out. You will want to paint the doors and drawers in a separate location. It is best to set up some sort of work station on a table where you can lay out all the doors in a controlled environment. For instance, you could tape newspaper pages to a large picnic table or the ground and do the spraying outside.

You want to remove the hinges and handles from the doors and drawers. You also want to tape off the main drawer box so only the front gets painted. If you line the doors up, you can spray them all at once. For the best results, apply two coats of stain and rub down the wood with steel wool after each coat dries.

Painting the Main Cabinet

The main cabinet, except for the molding, is very easy to paint because it is just flat with square edges. However, you need to do a lot of masking to make sure stain doesn't get all over your kitchen appliances and walls. Make sure you invest in dedicated painter's tape and plastic. Painter's plastic is very convenient because you can cover an entire wall or a refrigerator, for example, very quickly. Once again, you need to use still wool to buff away any loose stain particles before between each coat.

Once all the stain is dry, you can reattach all of the doors and drawers. Your kitchen will now look completely different. To learn more, contact a company like Smith & Son Building & Remodeling, Inc.