4 Signs You May Need To Install A New Well Pump

When you rely on a well to provide water for your home, the last thing that you want is for your well pump to fail completely and disrupt your water supply. Luckily, wells pumps typically show signs that they are wearing out, so you can have a new well pump installed prior to complete failure. Some common signs that you may need to install a new well pump include the following:

Poor Water Pressure

If you begin to notice that you have a decrease in water pressure when turning on a sink or your shower, it is important to have your well looked at right away. One cause of poor water pressure could be an issue with the pressure tank. If the pressure tank has any cracks or leaks, proper pressure can't be maintained. If there are no noticeable problems with the pressure tank, you likely have a failing well pump that can no longer run at capacity and is not pumping a sufficient volume of water to maintain pressure. Have your well pump looked at by a professional and then have a new well pump installed before your pump stops working all together.

Constantly Running Pump

A well pump in good repair should not run constantly or cycle on and off continually. This is a classic sign that the well pump may be on its last legs and will break down completely in the near future. The pump may have a bad sensor, a broken shut-off switch, or other components that have worn out prevent the pump from being able to get enough water to the surface. A constantly running pump can cause your electric bill to be a lot higher than normal, so have a new well pump installed as soon as you possibly can.

Mixture of Water and Air

A failing well pump that is having difficulty properly pumping water may push air through the pipes that lead into your house. The result of this is a mixture of water and air exiting a faucet when it is turned on. If you notice that water is sputtering or spraying out of a faucet in your home, don't ignore the issue as your well pump could be on its last legs.

Loud Noises

In most cases, a well pump does not cause any noticeable loud noises while it is running. But when a well pump is failing and the pressure amounts are not kept constant, loud noises may be able to be heard inside the pipes connected to your well.