4 Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

One way to stay cool in the summer months is to take advantage of your backyard pool. However, you can't just fill your pool with water and then neglect it for the rest of the summer and expect to not be dealing with pool repair. There are a few summer pool maintenance tips that you should be aware of to keep your pool at its best all summer long.

Clean Out Your Filter Basket

Your filter basket should be cleaned out regularly to ensure that the water can flow through the filters properly and remove contaminants. Pool filters catch dirt, debris, leaves, toys, and other small items. Too many of these items trapped in your pool filter's basket will block it. To clean your pool filter basket, turn off the filter, lift out the basket and then clean and rinse it of all debris. You can then replace the basket.

Test and Maintain The Proper pH Levels

Your pool should have a pH level of about 7.4. You should test your pH levels once a week to ensure that they are in a safe range. If your pool's pH is too low it can cause damage to your pool and irritation to the pool's users. Pool pH test kits are available, and they usually come with instructions on how to lower or increase your pool's pH levels after it has been tested.

Shock Your Pool

Your pool is going to be exposed to natural organic contaminants, like skin cells, leaves, oils, lotions and soil, and these organics give bacteria that might exist in your pool a good food source. As more contaminants are introduced into the the pool, the chlorine works overtime to deal with them, eventually lowering chlorine levels. When your chlorine levels drop, you will need to shock the pool to get rid of all the bacteria and to get chlorine levels back to normal. This is done, simply, by adding large amounts of chlorine to the pool and letting it do its job. After you shock your pool, check your chlorine levels with a test kit. The chlorine levels should be between 1.5 and 2.5.

You should keep your pool maintained properly throughout the summer, not just so you don't have to call in a pool repair company many times throughout the summer, but so that you can ensure that you have a healthy, safe environment for you and your family to swim in all summer long.