Dead Trees In Your Yard? 4 Reasons You Need To Have Them Removed

If you have dead trees in your yard, they're more than just unattractive. They're also a potential hazard. Leaving them standing in your yard could lead to big problems later on. Instead of ignoring the problem, you should have them removed – stump and all. Here are four reasons why investing in tree removal isn't just a good idea – it's the best idea.

Attract Pests

Those dead trees in your yard are the perfect home – and hiding place – for a wide variety of pests. Everything from birds to termites will enjoy camping out in your dead trees. While that family of robins might be enjoyable to watch, the nest of termites won't be so enjoyable once they make the transition from your dead trees to your home. Alleviate the attraction by having your dead trees removed from the yard.

Can Infect Other Trees

If your trees died as a result of bug infestation or diseases that affect trees, they're a threat to the other trees around them. Once trees die, the bugs that once infested it will search for other nearby trees. You may experience a similar occurrence with infectious tree diseases. When your tree dies, the infectious spores remain inside the infected tree. Those infectious spores then travel through the wind – and even on the feet of birds and rodents – to the neighboring trees. If not removed, those infested and infected trees can destroy other trees in your yard and your neighbor's yards.

Fire Hazard

If you use kindling to light your fireplace or campfire, you know how fast dry wood can take off when it's exposed to fire. Think of the dead trees in your yard as very large pieces of kindling. If those dead trees are located near your home – or other structures – they pose a serious fire hazard to your home and the homes around you.

Safety Hazard

Once trees die, the branches become very weak. After a while, even a small breeze can cause the branches to break off and fall to the ground. If that happens, someone could be seriously injured by falling branches. Not only that, but children could climb in the tree and fall to the ground when the branches begin to crumble.

If you have dead trees in your yard, you need to have them removed – stump and all. Removing the entire tree will protect the healthy trees you may have in your yard. It will also protect you and your home. Contact a tree service like Buskirk Tree Service to get rid of your dead trees.