2 Tips To Keep Your Marble Beautiful

Marble is an extremely popular flooring and countertop material, mostly because of the sheer beauty of the material and its versatility. However, keeping marble in good repair can be a bit tricky because there are quite a few things that can actually damage the material. Listed below are two tips that can help you keep your marble surfaces as beautiful as possible for many years to come.

Proper Cleaning

One of the most important things to remember when you have a marble floor or countertop in your home is that you must clean any spills immediately. The reason for this is that many chemicals and substances can cause stains in the marble or cause the surface to dull. For example, acidic drinks such as juices, coffee, and soft drinks can do a lot of damage to a marble surface if you let the spill sit for a bit before cleaning it up.

In addition to cleaning spills immediately, you will want to make sure that you are very careful when it comes to selecting cleaning products. While everyday cleaning products from your local store have their place, they will often have abrasive chemicals in them that will harm your marble.

When selecting a cleaner, make sure that it is specifically formulated to work with marble. However, you will most likely not need to use a cleaner all that often, as a simple wet rag or sponge will usually deal with most spills easily. As far as cleaning tools go, try to use soft rags or sponges for cleaning the marble as a rough washcloth or sponge could actually scratch the marble.


Another way to keep your marble looking as good as possible is to hire a professional marble cleaning service to come in and restore the shine of your marble surfaces. The reason that this is necessary is that your marble is not going to look as shiny and nice as it did when it was first installed because it will become dull over time. This is because as the marble is used, it will accumulate small scratches through everyday use, even if you are being careful.

These scratches will eventually get to the point where there are enough of them to actually diffuse the light that is reflected from the marble. In that situation, you will need to hire a professional service to sand the stone down using abrasive tools and materials. The purpose of this is to work the scratches down to the point where they are no longer visible to the naked eye, which will restore your marble countertops and floors to their original shine and luster.

For more information, contact a marble cleaning service in your area.