Four Ways To Give Your Roof More Detail With Custom Features

Asphalt roofing can be very plain and simple. These roofs often use the same materials for the main body of the roof, as well as for features like flashing and ridge caps. There are many options to give your roof more details with custom features like decorative trim and metal flashing. Here are some ways you can give your roof more details with custom features: 

1.  Adding Skylights To Give Your Home More Natural Lighting

If you have an older home, you may not have high ceilings or larger windows for natural light. One of the improvements that you may want to consider to let more light into your home is to add skylights. They can be added to your roof in areas like living rooms and kitchens to give you more natural lighting in the main living space of your home.

2. Metal Flashing With Copper And Exposed Edges For Detailed Lines

Flashing is what is used when there are two areas of your roof that meet, such as valleys and walls that meet roof structures. This is usually hidden beneath the shingles, but it can also be exposed. You can use copper or metal flashing with a powder-coated finish to give your roof more detail and visible lines.

3. Ridge Caps Of Different Materials That Contrast With Asphalt Shingles

Ridge caps are another area where you can add details to your roof that contrast with shingles. This can be the same of metal flashing, or it can be other materials. There are roof vents designed to cover ridges and give details. You can also choose from other roofing products with contrasting colors to have installed on the ridges of your roof.

4. Dormers And Structural Details To Give Your Home More Custom Features

Dormers and other structural details can be a great addition to your home when you have a new roof installed. These can be strictly decorative features, or they can be open and allow light in or give you more roof for remodeling on a second-floor or for adding space to your attic. You can also have features like cupolas added to give your roof a unique look.

These are some ways you can give your home a custom look with new roofing features. If you are ready to have your roof replaced, contact a roofing contractor (such as one from McCullers Roofing) and talk with them about doing some of these things for your home.