5 Design Options To Help Cope With Winter Woes

Drafts, ice dams, and dangerously slick walkways are just a taste of what you have to look forward to when the temperatures start to drop. Fortunately, there are some design decisions you can make to the roof and exterior of your home to make winter woes easier to deal with.

1. Go With a Simple Gable

The gable of your roof is the triangle shaped portions of wall between the pitches of your roof. The more complicated the design of your roof is, the more it invites problems including the buildup of snow and ice in every nook and cranny. Giving snow and ice places to collect on your roof just results in more damage. A strong and simple gable will prevent snow and ice from collecting on your roof and causing damage.

2. Limit Roof Openings

Every single hole you cut in your roof for a chimney, gable, or skylight is another spot where ice can accumulate and a water can leak. This does not mean you cannot have any of these features, you just need to take care when adding them and do so with the caution and knowledge of a professional.

3. Put Chimneys Near the Ridge

The ridge is also referred to as the highest point on your roof. This is the safest place for you to put both chimneys and vents. Water, snow, and ice will run down your roof making this the least likely place for buildup.

4. Consider a Metal Roof

The next time you are replacing your roof, consider going with a metal roof material. Metal roofing is extremely durable against snow and it sheds it with great ease. It is also less likely to spring a leak.

5. Install Coverage Over Entryways

Not only does a sheltered entryway look nice, it will make entering your home safer and more comfortable. When you have visitors waiting to answer your door, they will be protected from the breeze as well as any snow or rainfall. The coverage can also prevent ice buildup making the ground near the entryway of your home less likely to be slick. During the warmer months, a covered porch can also provide you with a nice place to sit and enjoy the warmer weather while being shielded from the sun.

Regardless of how short or long the winter season is where you live, these five design options can protect your home, your family, and your houseguests from some of the more common winter woes such as a leaky roof or slick front steps.

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