Spouse Or Neighbor Practice Golf Outside? Stop Flying Balls From Crashing Into Your Window

If you have a spouse or a neighbor that likes to get out in the yard to practice their swing, the ball may get away from them at times. When this happens, it may head straight to one of your windows. If this sounds like you, follow the tips below to provide your windows with some protection.    

Window Awnings

Awnings look beautiful on a home, but they serve other purposes. They can block the sun from shining into your windows, and they can block any flying balls that are coming from overhead. You can close the awnings if you do want to let some sun into your home, such as to warm up a room or for potted plants.

Awnings come in a variety of styles and fabrics. For example, you can find them made of laminated polyester, vinyl, and acrylic. Put a water repellent coating on the fabric to protect the awnings from fading, as well as to stop mold from growing onto them. Contact a local outlet, such as Patio Enclosures Inc, for further assistance. 


For window protection, exterior operable shutters work well. These shutters close over your window protecting the glass and window frame. You can also install bolt locks on these shutters to provide your home with protection when they are closed. In many cases, these shutters have a mechanical, rod, or motor crank to make it easy for you to open or close them when you are inside your home.

There are different types of shutters you can choose. Cedar wood shutters look nice, and this type of wood is not prone to warping because it has natural oils. Vinyl is another choice you have. These shutters are maintenance free, as well as lightweight, and less expensive. You will also find aluminum shutters, which are durable and low maintenance.

Impact Resistant Windows

If you are having new windows installed, talk with the contractor about impact resistant windows. These windows have laminated glass that generally has two or more layers of glass within an inner layer of plastic.

Window Films

If you do not want to install new windows, you can place an impact resistant window film on your windows.  These films are generally made from many layers of polyester with an adhesive back to secure to the outside of the window. This film can stop your window from breaking. If a golf ball hits it very hard and it does break, however, it will hold the pieces of glass together instead of glass shattering into your home.

If you want to provide even more protection, you can install security bars over your windows. These work double-duty as they also provide you and your family with protection from someone trying to break into your home.