New Homeowner Safety Tips for Utilizing and Storage of Home Heating Oil

If you are a new homeowner heating with oil for the first time, then it is important that you understand as much as possible about the safe storage and use of heating oil.

Heating oil is very safe for residential use when you take the following safety tips into account:

Safety Tip #1: Keep Everything and Everyone away from the Tank and Heater

Any person or object that comes into contact with your home's oil tank or oil heater can cause serious damage. Make it a rule in your house that you and your family

  • never store anything near the oil tank
  • never store anything near the oil heater
  • never allow pets or children to play around your outdoor tank
  • never smoke near your tank or heater

In addition, if you live in an area with snow and ice in the winter, then you should ensure that they will not come into contact with your tank, fuel lines, or fuel filters. You can accomplish this by building a carport-like structure over your tank and by burying your fuel lines if it is legal in your local area.

Safety Tip #2: Install Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Your House

Inside of any home that uses heating oil, you must install both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide gas is a natural byproduct of burning heating oil and it can kill pets and people if the level of gas gets too high inside of your home.

Your family should understand the dangers of fires and carbon monoxide gas, and should have a plan for leaving your home immediately if a detector alarm sounds. 

Safety Tip #3: Never Mix Heating Oil with Other Fuels

Though heating oil and automotive diesel fuels are very similar, you should never mix the two together in your heating oil tank. This can lead to damage to your home's heating system and make it necessary to replace your oil holding tank.

It is also important that you never mix gasoline in your heating oil tank. Gasoline mixed with heating oil is very flammable and the mixture will permanently damage your heating system.


Finally, one of the most important things you can do to keep your home and family safe is to have your gas-powered heater and tank serviced each year. If you need to have your home's heater serviced or have additional questions about the safe storage and use of home heating oil, then you should contact a local heating oil supplier like Cash Oil for more information.