Are You Landscaping A Pool Area?

It's pretty amazing that spring is just around the corner and that hot summer days will soon be upon us.  If you are putting in a new swimming pool for your family and friends to enjoy, you are more than likely planning some wonderful adventures that will center around the pool.

In planning your landscaping, have you considered giving your pool area a tropical look?  If so, here are some ideas for you to consider:

The Ground Cover

Make things easy for yourself! Of course, grass is really pretty, but it also becomes a problem when people track it and the dirt that goes along with it into the swimming pool. Flagstone would be gorgeous, and so would brick. If you still want some green, consider planting ground cover between the brick or the flagstone. 

The Plants

Think of mixing different greens together with spots of colors interspersed in strategic places. Palm trees of different varieties, elephant ear plants, all kinds of ferns, succulents, and low lying bushes would be perfect. Bamboo path edging would also be really effective in your landscaping. A good idea is to talk to somebody at your extension service to find out which flowers and plants do well in your area.

Remember that you can cheat! There are artificial trees and other plants that look so real that nobody would know the truth! Bird of Paradise plants and orchids would be sensational.

The Furniture

Brown rattan or teak would be absolutely darling. Choose bright colors for seat cushions. If you select plain fabric, buy throw pillows with birds, plants or anything else tropical on the fabric. If you use a print for the furniture, throw pillows in different colors of greens and yellows would be a very pretty look. As you select your furniture, consider a main seating area for groups and a couple of areas with just a couple of chairs that invite intimate conversations. Don't forget a hammock or two.

The Extra Touches

It's those extra touches that can make all the difference in your decorating. Consider hanging baskets of flowers, tiki statues, palm tree lamps, and outdoor water fountains. A large Buddha statue surrounded by plants and bamboo-like lights would be a great focal point.

Put more tiki lights in different spots close to the pool, as that would be very impressive for night-time swimming. Another beautiful and dramatic addition would be to have hanging bird cages. For an added touch, consider putting pretend parrots, shells, and plants in them.

Have a wonderful summer. To learn more, or if you have other questions about landscaping, contact a company like SWF Construction, LLC to learn more.