3 Alternatives To In-Floor Heating Systems When Renovating Your Home

If you are going to be doing renovations to your home, a new heating system may be something that is on the list of improvements. In-floor heating systems are an efficient way of using radiant heating, but can be costly to install in existing homes. You also may not want to have the floors in your home removed for these systems. There are other options for similar systems, such as baseboard heating, wall mounted heating mats and sleek radiators. If you want radiant heating and are looking for alternatives to in floor heating with the same benefits, here are three options you may want to consider for your home:

1. Wall Mounted Mat Systems

If you want to have the same benefits of in-floor heating, but leave your floors intact, you may want to consider a wall mat system. These systems work the same way as in floor systems, but will provide heat through the walls instead of your floors. This is ideal if you have wood floors that you want to refinish and still want the benefits of in-floor type systems. They can cost less to install and can easily be repaired and replaced.

2. Baseboard Heating Systems

If you do not want to have an in-floor system or matting installed on your walls, another alternative is a baseboard heating system, which can work with electricity or traditional steam heating. These will be sleek and not as noticeable as radiators. They are also a lot easier to repair or replace than in floor and wall matting systems, because they are not installed in finishes. Replacing them will only require you to replace the unit and not require any major renovations. These are ideals if you are only adding heating to your home and do not want to do any other major renovations.

3. Sleek Profile Radiator Systems

Another alternative to in floor systems, wall matting and baseboards is sleek profile radiators. These are just like traditional radiators, except they have sleek profiles and designs. They can come in decorative shapes, which do not even look like conventional radiators. If you want a more conventional system that is not noticeable, radiators with sleek profiles are ideal. For the bathroom, you can even get radiators in the shape of towel racks to have heating and a towel warmer in your bathroom.

These are some of the alternatives that you may want to consider for in-floor heating. If you are not sure what type of system will be the best for your home, contact a professional heating contractor like Bowman's Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to help you decide what will be best for your needs.