Four Tips To Protect Your Garage Door Against Burglary

Between your car, tools, and any other items you have in storage, your garage houses a jackpot for burglars. Your garage door is the point of entry to your valuables, and is a naturally vulnerable part of your home; you can't afford to take door security lightly. There are many ways to reduce risk and bolster the effectiveness of your garage door in protecting your home, possessions, and family. Here are four simple tips that can go a long way.

Protect Your Garage Door Remote

When you lose your garage door remote, or leave it sitting in a car, you are making a burglar's job much easier. If possible, keep your remote on your keys, or in some other place where you will be unlikely to forget to bring it inside. If you do lose a remote, be sure to disable it and reset the code.

Use Locks

Though you probably don't want to have to deal with a padlock on your garage door every time you come and go from your home, it's a good idea to at least use one when you are out of town. This padlock should be placed on the throw latch, making it very difficult to force the door open. 

Cover Windows

You don't want a would-be burglar to see what you have in your garage. You also don't want them to be able to look inside to see if your cars are gone, effectively telling them when the coast is clear. Instead, cover your windows, both those on your door and those in the rest of the garage. Techniques range from getting frosted glass to putting up paper coverings. 

Get an Alarm

Similar to alarms on the other doors in a home, a garage door alarm will alert you of trouble, and hopefully ward off potential intruders. Motion detectors and tilt sensors sound the alarm as soon as the garage door starts to go up. 

In addition to strengthening the protection of your garage door, there are many things you can easily do every day to avoid risk. For example, simply be sure to close your garage door. A garage that sits open is an invitation for burglars to scope out your possessions, monitor your house, and do their work when no one is watching. As one final, and most important, tip, make sure to lock the door inside your garage that leads into your house. For your family's safety, do not rely on a closed garage door. It's not worth taking chances. 

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