Most Common Misconceptions Concerning Composite Roofing On Commercial Buildings

The roofing that you have on your commercial property provides a protective layer between your property and the elements outdoors. This fact should be heavily considered any time you are making a change to a new roofing type. However, the Internet is full of misleading information and you cannot always rely on what other people tell you. Composite roofing is a material that has been in use for years and often comes along with misconceptions about installation and function. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions and the real truths behind them.

Misconception: If you have a low slant rise, composite roofing will be prone to deterioration due to excess moisture.

Truth: In all actuality, composite roofing can be used on just about any type of roof without regard to its pitch or slant. The layered design, consisting of synthetic material, makes this type of roofing highly resistant to moisture. In comparison to other roofing materials, composite allows for water to be wicked away from the surface of the roof easily.

Misconception: Composite roofing takes too long to install.

Truth: The installation of composite roofing does not require any form of specialized installation methods, in spite of popular belief. Therefore, if you do opt for this roofing material, it will not take any longer to complete than any other roofing project.

Misconception: Natural materials, such as slate or wood, are a better choice in hot climates.

Truth: In hot climates where temperatures can soar well above 100 degrees, many business owners believe that a natural material roof is a better choice because it has the ability to absorb heat. However, composite roofing is composed with UV reflective material that actually deters heat. Not only will the materials stand up just as good as any natural type, it will also help eliminate issues with excess heat distribution to the building from the roof.

Misconception: Composite roofing is not very flexible when it comes to color choices.

Truth: Because composite roofing is made with synthetic material, there is a possibility to find this roofing material in a range of colors from red to blue and everything in between. If you want an aesthetically pleasing roof, a contractor will work with you to find a color choice that suits your building well, or even a combination of colors that can be specifically implemented when the material is ordered from the factory.

When the truth is revealed, it is easy to see that composite roofing is one of the most logical roofing materials for the commercial or industrial setting. Make sure you do not let common misconceptions veer you away from making a choice for roofing materials that will be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and economically sound. Talk to a professional like B & J Roofing for assistance.