3 Signs That Your Clog Is In The Sewer Line

Do you have water coming back up out of one of your drains? If so, you likely have a clog. The real question is whether the clog is in the drain or the sewer line. It's an important distinction. A simple drain clog can usually be fixed relatively easily. Just cleaning the drain is often enough to do the job. Fixing a sewer line clog is much more complex, primarily because the line is located outside your home and underground. Also, if a sewer line clog isn't fixed quickly, it can cause serious damage, and can even cause waste to back up into your home. Here are three ways you can tell that the problem is in your sewer line and not your drain:

You have multiple clogs. If the clog were just in, say, your shower drain, then you would only see a clog in that fixture. However, if you have clogs in your toilet, shower, and sinks, then the problem is probably in the sewer line. All of those drains eventually lead to the sewer line. When that line is blocked, everything becomes clogged. It would be an unlikely coincidence if you simply had drain clogs in multiple fixtures.

Your drains are acting funny. Does water bubble out of your shower every time you flush the toilet? Does water come out of your sink when you turn on the washing machine? When your sewer line is clogged, it's not unusual to see signs in fixtures that may seem unrelated. For example, when you turn on your washing machine, waste water goes down a drain. It eventually gets to the sewer line, where it hits a clog. With a clog on one side and draining water on the other, that waste water has to find a new path, which is often back up the sink, shower or other fixture. This is a surefire sign that your sewer line is clogged.

The sewer clean-out is overflowing. The sewer clean-out is a white capped pipe that sticks out of the ground somewhere around the exterior of your house. It's name tells you exactly what it's for. Municipal workers and repair technicians can remove the cap to clean out the sewer line. The clean-out should never be full of water because that would mean water is flowing back up the sewage line. Remove the cap and look inside. If it's full of water, then you definitely have a sewer line clog.

If you suspect that you have a sewer clog, call a rooter service, like Jubilee Plumbing Inc, immediately. They can diagnose the problem and get it resolved quickly.