Here’s Why You Should Consider Installing Fiber Cement Siding When You Renovate Your Home

The type of siding you choose is one of the most important decisions you can make when you renovate your home. Looks are very important, because you want a home that has good curb appeal. However, it's also nice if the siding has a long life and requires little care. Fiber cement offers all these benefits. It's well worth considering when you examine your options. Here is how fiber cement siding compares with other types of siding.


Fiber cement is made from cement and wood pulp. This gives it the durability of masonry while maintaining the appearance of wood. However, unlike wood, fiber cement is not damaged by termites or rot. It also resists fire and it stands up to weather extremes. It doesn't warp like vinyl or dent like aluminum siding. If you choose to install fiber cement siding, you can look forward to very few maintenance repairs over the years.


If you like to change your decorating scheme every few years, then fiber cement siding is a good choice because you can paint it any color you choose, any time you want a change of pace. Compare that to vinyl siding, which limits you in choice of colors. Vinyl siding needs to be a light color, or it can collect heat and warp. Aluminum siding has the same problem, plus it takes a lot of effort to paint over aluminum. A chalky residue develops on aluminum planks over time, and all this has to be scrubbed clean before you can apply the paint. Fiber cement is easy to paint using common acrylic based house paint. However, if you don't want to change the look of your home, you won't have to, since you can buy fiber cement siding that has color baked onto it that resists chipping and fading. The color lasts for years.


Fiber cement siding costs about $3 per square foot. This is the same price range as vinyl and aluminum, and a little less than the cost of wood. When figuring the cost, you should also try to calculate the cost of future repairs and maintenance along with the expected lifespan of the siding. Another important consideration is the return you'll get on your initial investment. Your return could be as much as 87 percent when you put your home up for sale. Since fiber cement siding is noncombustible and it doesn't succumb to insect damage, you may even get a break on your insurance rates once you install it.

One of the reasons fiber cement siding from a place like Vantage Point Exteriors LLC offers superior protection for your home is because it is a heavier material than other common types of siding. While this is a benefit, it makes it difficult to install as a DIY project. If you decide to go with this type of siding, you'll need to include the cost of professional installation as well.